Heirloom Bassinets – A High Quality Affordable One Is Born

Moses basketLike most things in life you usually get what you pay for. Heirloom has found an ideal mixture of stunning colors, luxury and patterns while keeping price points. Made with using top quality fabrics and wonderful attention to detail, you will realize that an Heirloom bassinet provides the most bang for your nursery furniture buck.

The Heirloom Silk Bassinet Collection

The silk bassinet collection Is this Heirloom line’s signature. These bassinets are famous for their flowing length skirts and are highlighted by colored ribbons and bows that tie around the front of the bassinet. The hood has trimmed which completes the design that is gorgeous. The bassinet is constructed on a secure stand on caster wheels. The stand illustrated instructions are included and requires only a couple minutes of assembly by means of a screwdriver. All lace bassinet collection products include a mattress pad, a matching wicker style hood and many include a matching pillow. Means can adjust the depth of the bedding. Heirloom bassinets are supposed to be used for the first couple of months until the infant reaches 16 lbs. Or until they roll over on their own or have the ability to push them up.

Silk Bassinet Collection – Top Five Sellers

  1. Sweet Rose Bassinet – Brings warmth along with a dash of color to your nursery. The bassinet is emphasized by a pink bow which contrasts with the brightly colored lace. The hood completes this design that is stunning.
  2. Rose Garden Bassinet – Really a gem and will make the best fit. Have the small touches to make this a favorite among parents that are new. The bassinet has pink blossoms that go around the base to finalize this design, a green bow and a length cream color skirt.
  3. My Little Angel Bassinet – A standard bassinet which is going to be your nursery’s treasure. Has a full length skirt that is lavish and matching ribbon that wraps around the bottom of the bassinet. This layout that is pretty is completed by the lace ruffled hood.
  4. Baby’s Haven Bassinet – A stunner and among the greatest in the Heirloom line of high end bassinets. The Moses bassinet comes with a full length cream skirt that is stunning. The bassinet skirt is accented with a dark bow. The hood with matching trim completes this fabulous look.
  5. Sugar Plum Bassinet – One of the pieces in the Heirloom line of high end bassinets. The bassinet is accented with a plum bow that produces a contrast with the light lace. The hood with plum trim completes this design.