How To Choose A Table Tennis Bat?

A table tennis racket is made up of two different parts. The table tennis bat is made from wood which is laminated which has the coverage of rubber on one part, and both sides are dependent on the grip of the players. Just like a conventional rocket, it does not constitute strings that are strung across an open frame.

The coating of the rubber could be pimple rubber. On the outward side, it is coated with that. The composition includes a layer of sponge covered by rubber, and it is pointed with pimples either inwards or outwards. However, some paddles lack the coverage of rubber so which makes them resistant to spin.

How many types of racket are there?

There are three categories of table tennis rackets which are as follows:

  • Head Heavy
  • Even balance
  • Headlight

Head heavy rackets constitute the mass that is shifted towards the region of the head. It further results in a heavier head. Headlight rackets constitute the mass shifted towards the handle, which further results in a lighter head.

How to choose a tennis table bat?

Choosing the right table tennis bat is an essential task. Although it’s not hard, so you shouldn’t be too worried about it. Here are some of the tips which can help you:-

#1. Table tennis racket for beginners

Being a beginner, you should not worry too much about the availability of different rubber and blade options. You should get a bat that has overall good control.

#2. Table tennis racket for improves

After gaining a bit of experience, you can buy your first custom made bat. It is recommended to purchase a rubber for your forehand, blade and backhand.

#3. Table tennis racket for advanced players

As an advanced player, you should properly check all the blades and rubbers before purchasing them since it holds significance.